Let’s Talk Pyramid Schemes..

Okay, this is a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss for awhile. If you’re friends with me on Instagram you know I’ve touched base on this quite a few times. And I’m not gunna lie.. I’ve definitely dropped plenty of money buying from these. Mainly because I wanted to see if they actually worked, and also because I wanted to support my friends who are mothers, struggling, and trying to make their own money.

So let’s jump in.. any business that requires you to put in money and your main goal is to recruit people to sell a product, without placing any focus on the product, is likely a pyramid scheme masked as a “multi-level marketing” business. And sorry, but they don’t work. Unless you’re at the very very top of the pyramid, you are using all of your own money, time, and energy for those at the top to get rich. I mean how many times have you seen the same girl selling for one of these, who quickly moves on to another business. Likely, none of them are going to work.

And look, I’ve tested them. From the teeth whitening toothpaste, to Lip Sense, to Beachbody, to Younique, and many more. I can tell you point blank that they are mediocre at best. They don’t work, and they are typically more expensive than the average product because these businesses aren’t interested in the products, they are interested in you recruiting others to sell the same product in which case those sellers are the ones footing the bill.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen women my age focus on telling you how you can make so much money, win a car, etc and chances are you (the viewer) have absolutely no idea what they are actually selling!

My stance on it is this.. they are marketed and geared towards single mothers, stay at home mothers, or college aged women looking to earn an affordable wage to continue their education. I personally believe it’s a scam and frankly, a damn shame that businesses focus on this market and take advantage of them to put quick easy money in their pocket without doing the work themselves.

My advice would be, if you’re really looking to make your own money or own your own business, find something you are GOOD at and enjoy and focus on starting that. Because with these pyramid schemes you will be out hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars and time and will likely be left out to dry once those at the top made enough money to move onto the next thing.

So do yourself a favor and don’t give into these gimmicks, and instead shift that focus on something that is tangible, real, and your own and you will go much further.

– Collette



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