Starting out with your small business

Yes, the featured image for this post is me taking some cool pics on my nice camera back in 2012 or 2013. I have had many creative ambitions along the way!

So let’s jump right in..

When starting to delve into a new career field whatever that may be, please please take the time to study and learn the basics so you can provide a decent outcome to your paying clients

If you are not trained in a profession you are trying to charge money for, your client may not notice, but other professionals in the field sure will

Learning something new and wanting to create a business out of it is great, but there is a reason why rules and teachings were created. They all serve a purpose and when someone is paying you, they assume you are the professional and know best. So it would benefit everyone to study up a bit before you really get out there so you can provide your client with decent work!

This isn’t to bash anyone, we are all learning, but it serves to educate someone who is just starting out and may be jumping the gun a bit too early.

I can notice right away if a photograph or invitation design was created by a professional or not. There are key rules to abide by, such as not stretching out text that distorts a font, making sure everything is aligned, not using numerous typefaces in one document. As well as if you’re a photographer.. knowing what aperature and ISO settings to use for certain light situations, or posing your figures in a way that is symmetrical and has a purpose.

So my advice to you is, study up, just as you would for any career advancement in life, as it will only bring you one step further. Will it take more time? Sure, but it is much better to be prepared rather than have a disappointed client.

And if you are a client, likely you do get what you pay for. If you are hiring someone simply because it is cheaper, then you may expect your returned work to not be of a great quality or follow basic standards. Do your research as well! Learn what makes a service valuable.

As always, please comment below any questions you have or be sure to check out our “Join Us” page to see what you can get out of this blog to help your business grow!


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