Community Over Competition

Music Suggestion: Good Vibes by Bequem (Should I start adding these to my posts? I’m always listening to some sort of music when I do anything)

Alright let’s get right into it. You know the platform that is running rampant with people of all ages and is becoming one of the most used social media platforms? Yeah, it’s TikTok. Well there are a TON of small business owners on there explaining all the reasons why they don’t share information, tips, tricks, “trade secrets” with other small business owners.

Some reasons behind this were “I worked hard to learn this information so they must do the work for themselves as well” or “If I share my tips and tricks they will put me out of business” amongst some other nonsense. Let me tell you this right now, if you think that sharing where you got one tool, or sharing how to do something is going to put you out of business or lower your chances of your clients continuing to order from you,

you are going about this thing A L L W R O N G.


Allow me to explain this further… YOU are what sets you apart from others doing what you do. Withholding information isn’t going to somehow magically put you above competitors and keep them at the bottom. Unless you have some magical trade secret that no one else has discovered, they will likely be able to YouTube the information anyway. Holding back this information isn’t going to preserve your business if you’re running a business thinking you’re that fragile that someone who learns one trick from you can go ahead and take your clients.

Your clients are with you for your brand, your vision, your values, your style. This is why social media marketers always encourage you to put YOU at the forefront of your business. Show your face, let your followers get to know the person behind the business. If you do this and people connect with you, they won’t choose a competitor over you. Because they are invested in YOU and want you to succeed.

This is why having a clear brand and mission is so important for your business. It’s no longer about who has the most talent, who makes the best drinks, who has the best smelling candles, but who embodies what someone wants to support and sees value in putting their money into.

So go ahead and share your tools and tips with your peers, I mean WHY NOT?! I promise if they’re on the journey of getting into a similar career, or possibly are just doing it for fun, they’re going to get the information either way. If you have the mentality that they must find the information for themselves because you did, that’s the same as saying you want your children to have a tough life because you did. It’s kind of well.. selfish? You probably got your information from another business owner in the field too. Better yet, they have likely gone through just as much trial and error to get where they are and you’re not having a “teachable moment” with them by being a jerk and gatekeeping something as simple as where you bought something.

P.S. have you seen Demi Lovato’s new documentary Dancing With the Devil on YouTube? Highly Recommend.

//TRIGGER WARNINGS: sexual abuse, eating disorders, drug use

I think the image I picked to be featured on this post is a great representation of what I’m talking about. We’re all helping each other climb to the top. Think about it this way.. the more others in our field succeed, the more it keeps our craft and field relevant and alive, gives us motivation to keep going, and shows others just how valuable it is.

I strongly believe in COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION. There is enough room for all of us in each category of business.. and this is primarily because we each bring something different to the table and have our own clientele and niche where we fit in.

Let me know if you agree or disagree and why in the comments? ⇓ ⇓ ⇓


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