Brand that thang!

I’ve gotten this question a lot lately so I wanted to share some information with you all on

B R A N D I N G. ☽

When you start a business, it’s important to have a Brand.

This is what sets the stage for the style, feel, look, mood of your business which typically includes your logo, fonts, color palettes, shapes, stationery, and more. When you keep things consistent across the board for all your socials, business materials, and website, it helps create

M E M O R A B I L I T Y.

This means that when someone sees your brand they know it’s you. Or if they see something that reminds them of your brand, they’ll think of you. The more people think of you, the more they’ll reach out, the more they reach out .. you know where I’m going with this? .. the more clients you will get. They will also know what your style is right off the bat and can get a feel of the style of work that you do.

Not to mention it will make you look calm, cool and collected and like you know what you’re doing! I can tell you right now that when I see a business whose social media is all over the place, or they don’t have a professional brand, I will look elsewhere for my needs as a client.

If you use imagery that is mismatch/doesn’t make sense for your business, or is used just to ‘post something’, it’s not helpful to your business and can look really unprofessional.

Do yourself the favor, get your branding package done so you can be a professional business and go do the damn thing!


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