Investing in Your Business

If you’re just starting out with your business, or even if you’ve already got skin in the game, I want to go over why investing in your business is so important and why it’s always necessary.

So if you’re in business already or have just started out, it’s likely because you’re good at what you do. But when you run a business, you already know that the field where your expertise lies isn’t where it ends. You have to be the star of the show, which means photography, design, marketing, customer service, all of it. It’s likely you don’t know everything about ALL of these. I mean who does? So to get all of these things done successfully, whether it’s learning it on your own or hiring out for some of these roles, it’s going to take investing some dough.

Courses, design programs, branding, bookkeeping, CRMs, all of this costs you money in one way or another. But let me tell you why it is WORTH it. We all know by now the saying ” you have to have money to make money” well it’s true, but it’s also possible to do this as you go. You don’t need all the skills or upfront money to get going, it’s okay to start off where you can, but it is important to build from there. Let’s say you’ve had the same logo for 10 years, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. It’s likely the field has changed since you started, and it’s important to change with it.

When you market your business with sub-par quality photos or designs, it shows. You will look like a new business, and that’s okay in the beginning.. but once you find which type of clients you want to attract, you have to have a professional presence that matches that and look like you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to trust you with their own time and money? This may involve hiring a professional Photographer to take your branding or product photos for you, a professional Graphic Designer to give your brand a clear vision and identity, or hiring a Social Media Marketer if this isn’t your area of expertise, to get the ball rolling and get your services or products out into the world in an effective way.

In the long run, it is going to pay itself back more than you put out. You will attract your ideal clients, which will earn you more money. You will look more professional, which will attract more clients in general, and you will have a better understanding of where and how you fit into your niche. (TIP: Keep a journal or sheet/check your analytics to see how your business improves when you implement any changes, find what works and what doesn’t)

So do yourself a favor, get familiar with or hire someone to help you in these areas, so you can focus on where you thrive, and create yourself a business that LASTS.


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